Orienting children towards books

For some, children’s literature is not really
literature, or it is not really playing in the big league. Yet there are many
great writers, talented and imaginative illustrators who make generations of
children and teenagers read and dream. This type of literature has many
qualities that you can exploit in your daily activities.

Children’s literature is multifaceted, firstly because
it often follows the development of the child, and also because it adapts to
the child’s abilities as well as his or her concerns.

In form (size, material, drawing features, colours,
plans, structure of the work) as well as in content, through the richness,
complexity and diversity of the subjects covered, it accompanies children from
their discovery of books and writing until they reach adulthood, where it is to
be hoped that they will retain this taste.

And why buy new when you can buy second-hand ?